Fasting 101

It’s been quite an interesting experience to be off work this time.  Rather like a soldier in R&R not knowing, and waiting for the next assignment to come. Alas, I’ve been watching too much war docu-dramas…

One of those recent assignments is fasting.  My new free and unstructured schedule is perfect for it. Because when you start to fast, not only do you feel physically weak, but the process will pull your attention away from everything…  except this incessant sense of Hunger – the need for food.

Since it’s been quite a few years, I decided to start with a short 12 hour liquid fast (no solids) just to get used to it again. Honestly, the beginning phase was just as bad as I remembered it… at least the physical discomfort. It’s not a sharp pain, but just a lethargic feel.  And as your blood sugar continues to dip, so does your attention span.

As time goes on, you do get used to the incessant need for sustenance.  One of the side effects of your body getting weaker is that your cognitive brain slows down.  And that’s when the magic happens – the millions of thoughts that usually race through your mind at any given moment now fades into a mere whisper.  The dust settles, everyday noises melt into a fog, and suddenly, you’re there…


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