WordPress, here i come!

Whew, walking away from the blogsite I’ve had for the past 5 years was *almost* a relief… Not sure if I can bring my old archive, but i almost don’t miss it.  Like that great advice you get while moving… if you havn’t looked/opened/needed it for the past year… you don’t really need it. (Except for your financial/tax documentation!!)

It almost feels like shedding an old shell or getting rid of an old jacket that just don’t fit anymore. In all honesty, I’ve grown into a different person in the last few years. It’s rather refreshing to move on.

So hello WordPress!  “Hello world!”… sigh, that is such a nerdy phrase to use. It’s the welcome message you get when you sign up here.  Seriously, how many remembers your first programming assignment where you have to write a program to print “Hello world!”  But I digress… 🙂  Off with the old and on with the NEW!

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