Practice, practice, practice

I admit, I have a short attention span… from music to crafts to games or any hobby of the moment, i never stay interested on one thing  for long.  That’s why my mom never bought me a piano.  She didn’t think I’d last long enough for her to invest THOUSANDS of bucks on the whim of a 5 year old.

Thank God for generous piano-teaching neighbors and piano store-rentals.  ^_^

The major obstacle I face is that the fun of learning new things is completely drowned out by the feeling of…”being stuck.”  That’s gotta be the worst feeling – no movement. Nada, zilch, zero. Or rather, the perception that there is no movement.

It’s weird, isn’t it? You’d think that creativity happens spontaneously. That’s why people say you’re “gifted”. That it seems to just happen like “magic.” Except that… it’s not.

Creativity is more like a birthing process… or rather, a PROCESS, period. It’s learning how to use the tools. Observing why the masters are Masters. Speaking a new language.  And it…. all… takes… time. Time to adapt – time to learn – time to allow your brain to make the synaptic connections – time that me and my generation just don’t quite appreciate.

So practice it is! Practice, practice, practice! Practice my color combinations.  Practice my finger exercises.  Practice organizing my blubbering thoughts… and hoping – Expecting – transformation.

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