Growing up

So I was watching this “makeover” show on TV tonite.  And they’re trying to change an Asian-American college student from a “sportsy tom boy” into a more outgoing, assertive, sexy gal.  They did everything from cleaning up her bedroom,  giving her a brand new wardrobe, and making her jump out of air planes, just to get her out of her comfort zone.

They gave her a new hair style, make up and a new wardrobe. At the end of the show, she looked stunning. But, behind all that glamour still stands a shy little girl.  They, and even her self tried with all of their effort to become an Adult.  But I think what she really needed to do was to be more confident about herself. To achieve that, changing your look will only go so far.  She will need to truly grow up on the inside.  To become the fullness of who she is without trying to please others or be apologetic about it.  To enjoy her strengths while working through her weakness.  To know that the value of who she is does not depend on the opinion of society or family or a man.  To become a woman uniquely her own – now that’s Beautiful.

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