Dream Keeper

We’re on the cusp of 2017. The changeover times have always been special. They are something akin to the “thin places.” Whether it’s the midnight hours or new year’s eve, there’s something about those moments that invites insight.  On this last evening of 2016, for some reason, I’m in a nostalgic mood.  Suddenly, I’m finding mementos of old friendships, and prayers and thoughts I’ve written down for friends in the past. Lord, what are you trying to show me?

Most of these friendships have evolved into acquaintances.  Life happens. I don’t get the sense that I need to rekindle these friendships or take any action.  Mostly, reading these words have given me fresh insights into who God has created them to be.  Perhaps some of them have temporarily forgotten who they are or have even rejected their true self in the time being.  But God has not forgotten.  In fact, He is still holding that dream for them… for us. He is waiting for the next open opportunity to again breathe life into their true self.  Thank you, Lord, for holding our dreams.  Thank you, Lord, for being our Dream Keeper.

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