A New Focus For A New Year

Apologies for the late update. The year started with some life changes, and it has taken a few weeks for me to find my rhythm. Thank you for waiting. 🙂

We’re only four weeks into 2016, and Changes are abound!  After being at home for five years, I started working at a full-time job right before Christmas.  My husband also started a new job a few weeks later.  Both of our career changes presented exciting new opportunities.  Even so, I had a hard time adjusting to the new routine both physically and emotionally.

glasses.picjumboPhoto by picjumbo.com

These changes brought out the worst part of my persona. Every unexpected scenario triggered a complaint.  In fact, my negativity was so intense that even I was tired of carrying it around.  Realizing that my emotions were spinning out of control, I had to be quiet and do some inner work.

Again, being in a place of stillness brought clarity and a new perspective. After the emotional storm subsided, His Still Small voice whispered, “It’s time for you to grow up.”

When I heard this, instinctively, I knew what God meant. In the last season, God wanted to foster a child-like wonder in my spirit.  However, along with a child-like heart, I also picked up some childish tendencies.  This new job offered a path to a new career down the road.  But for now, the job is physically challenging with a small paycheck. The childish side of me was overwhelmed by the disappointing circumstances, and caved into complaint mode.

As God’s encouragement settled in, He reminded me of His good intentions. Deep down, I saw the potential of what this job can be – new experience that will open new doors.  Rather than reacting negatively to the daily grind, I needed to take a step back and remember the vision God has for me.  Through this opportunity, He was helping me grow into the next level, and setting me up to have a breakthrough!  Every circumstance, whether good or bad, was training me to go further. Every situation was working in my favor. That was what God wanted me to see.

So, my first lesson in the new year was an assignment about upgrading my outlook. Since then, I’ve been processing and thinking more on this topic of growing up.  A few more areas have popped up: growing in trust/faith, self-control, and responsibility – all hallmarks of a mature persona.  I’m sure it will take many life lessons to help me get better and stronger in all of these areas.  For now,  I will simply remember the purpose of my season, and take it one day at a time knowing that every challenge and frustration is going to help me grow up to go higher and further.  I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “A New Focus For A New Year

  1. I found that I grew up with the tools of a 12 step program. Slogans like first things first…keep it simple…and This too shall pass….I am forever grateful for the stories shared by others to carry me thru the week.

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