FREE Meditation Journal – Promotion ended

Update 3/21/2016: I just checked this link, and looks like the free e-book download promotion is now finished. 😦  If you’re still interested in this item, the book (hard copy) is available here.

One of my favorite authors, Graham Cooke, is giving away his meditation journal for FREE! secret-sayings-hidden-meaningsI’ve learned a lot about meditation and how to keep a quiet heart from Graham. His teachings have always inspired faith and hope in me, especially on difficult days. This book, Secret Sayings, Hidden Meanings, is a collection of questions and prompts for journaling or meditation. It’s designed to help us pause and think about the various ways God works in our lives. I have this book downloaded to my phone.  From time to time, I read an except during my lunch hour. It helps me to connect spiritually during my week.

“The purpose of this book is to lead you out of the busyness of life and into the still waters of deep thought, restful perception and therefore presence.
– Excerpt from Secret Sayings, Hidden Meanings.

You can download a free pdf copy of the book here.  Click on the “download ebook” link, and there will be a pop up. You can continue without creating an account. Then the site will ask for your email address and zip code. They do ask for a valid email address and zip code to trade for the book. After typing in your information, the site will email a download code to your email address.

This book has been a great resource for me. I hope you will find it helpful too. 🙂



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